ICFW - My Story


    I am a Brazilian who grew up in a traditional Catholic family and had my first experience with Jesus 18 years ago.This wasn’t a time when through a very difficult situation in my family because of an accident that my father had when he almost died, and other personal situations in the lives of my family.

    My brother, who was already evangelical Christian, spoke to me about an unconditional love of a personal God who cares about our lives. It was then I prayed to this God in the name of his Son Jesus Christ asking Him if He was everything my brother was saying, that He would change my life because I didn’t want to suffer any more as I was suffering, and that He could heal my father.

    To my surprise I received an inner peace like never felt before in my life and my father also was miraculously healed after a while. Since then I have served the Lord, seeking to know him more every day.

    In the second year of my experience with Jesus I received a calling to be a missionary (to serve God in a practical way in places where there were needs). I joined a course in theology in my church in Brazil, and was also involved with outreach and social services areas.

    In 2002 I took a course in an international Christian and interdenominational organization, YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Brazil in the state of Minas Gerais to work with street children and poor families.

    In 2005, also in YWAM, in the state of Parana in Curitiba I felt the Lord Jesus directing meto learn about emotional healing and deliverance. After this season I worked at a rehabilitation centre for women who were alcoholics and drug addicts helping them coming out of this wrong lifestyle and also restarting their lives differently. I worked for two years in the same place.

   In 2007 I returned to work full time for YWAM Curitiba as volunteer worker, where I became involved in the areas of praise, worship and intercession (worship to God and prayer for people or specific situations).Right after I did the DTS course(school of evangelism and discipleship training at YWAM)I continued as a full-time volunteer worker in the ministry called "the Lord Reigns’’ which is committed to the proclamation of the kingdom of God through worship, intercession and services in areas of need.

   Working as a volunteer in this ministry in YWAM I understood that God was challenging me to come to England to support a couple of YWAM missionaries also in social areas. I have been in Leicester for a year and 4 months where I learned some English and served the community with practical work, made some kind of mobilization at the London 2012 Olympic Games and two months in Wrexham in Wales. 

   After that I returned to my country to get a new visa and came again to YWAM Wrexham since 2013. I have made new friends, improved my English and have a great expectation to see God's glory manifested also in this country as has already been seen elsewhere. Wrexham is a land of blessings, where God's dreams happen.

   Many lives still need to learn about this God who cares about each one of us, who blesses you to be a blessing for all nations and people that He puts in your path.

   May the love of God and his presence fill your heart with joy, and life transformation

   Big Hug to all.