ICFW - My Story


   I was born in a Muslim family in Tehran (Iran). I’ve been living in a good condition in my country. “It was the best of times...” Life was comfortable, good job, good cars, nice apartment, good family life... “It was the worst of the times...”
Because of political things and differences with the Muslim regime I was arrested. (In Iran people are arrested and disappear forever!). I escaped but that was not the end.
I had to put my family into the hands of human traffickers.
I was terrified. We were hiding in a house in Istanbul (Turkey) more than a month! Opposite was a church.

   My wife and I went in and asked God to save us from this awful condition. I called Jesus for the first time! Suddenly I was at peace after the prayer in a way I had never been before! It seemed there was an unwritten code between me and God in that situation, because in that state of utter despair I looked to a saviour who, when I’d started my journey just a few weeks before, had not impressed me much. I always have one regret about that brief encounter with Jesus that I couldn’t have an opportunity to know him before! Anyway, to cut a long story short. One week later we were asking for asylum in London!
That was a great thrill; it touched me again in a way I couldn’t explain. It moved me in a way that went beyond my thoughts.

   So we met Christian people as the Lord had planned for us. Meeting Christians in the church and in ICFW has shown us true example of Jesus Christ. After hearing about Jesus I realised that Jesus was my Saviour, Jesus is my Saviour and he will be my Saviour forever. “Grace and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you”.