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    Welcome to the International Christian Fellowship Wrexham

    In association with Cytûn Wrexham and Mission Wrexham
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Welcome To ICFW

We welcome everyone – people of faith or no faith, young or old, and from any nation in the world. So far we have had people from 20 different countries join the group.
Some have had to return to their home country for various reasons but write very appreciatively of their time with us, saying things like: -
“I really looked forward to the meeting each Sunday, it was the highlight of my week”,
and “I wish the meeting didn’t have to finish now, I want to stay on”.

ICFW - My Story

  • image I am a Brazilian who grew up in a traditional Catholic family and had my first experience with Jesus 18 years ago. This wasn’t a time when through a very difficult situation in my family because of an accident that my father had when he almost died, and other personal situations in the lives of my family. Read More


  • image I was born not far from here in a town called Southport but I moved to North Wales when I was 13 years old and I have lived there more or less ever since. Read More

    Heather Waring

  • image Ulla Fewster is Swedish and has been a missionary in Thailand. After meeting her English husband, David, she worked with him for a couple of years in Laos and then, after the country closed to missionaries, worked in Thailand until 2001. Read More

    Ulla Fewster

  • image I was born in a Muslim family in Tehran (Iran). I’ve been living in a good condition in my country. “It was the best of times...” Life was comfortable, good job, good cars, nice apartment, good family life... “It was the worst of the times...” Because of political things and differences with the Muslim regime I was arrested. (In Iran people are arrested and disappear forever!). Read More


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